Pool, Plunge Bath & Heat Chamber

IMG 9816 28e ganti gunung min Pool, Plunge Bath & Heat Chamber

Refresh your body’s well-being. Warm your body, relax your mind, for a moment. Sunset view of Mount Merapi, enjoying life and making sense of it. At PORTA by Ambarrukmo we offer special facilities at our rooftop, 11th Floor. Explore all the experience; swimming by the pool, and others.

What The Deck!

IMG 0061 7e min What The Deck!

What The Deck! – Looking something extra for your night out? This is the answer. What The Deck! is one relaxed yet seriously stylish sky beer garden. You’ll find it in the rooftop of PORTA by The Ambarrukmo. Its location is accessible from all the corner of the city. Providing pleasant services and scenery right […]


havene Havene

“Good Food, Good Life” Havene is just not about food & beverage, it’s a culinary tradition meets creativity. Downtown restaurant that could capture the spirit of local gourmet. Located at the ground floor of PORTA by The Ambarrukmo, Havene is a midclass family restaurant. The 90 seats restaurant has a sophisticated interior that reminiscent of […]


rockstead Roadstead

Roadstead is superbly situated in lobby area at the ground floor PORTA by The Ambarrukmo. It is a great place for businesses to thrive. It boasts some of the best attractions, potential for education and business growth. Community spaces. The right choice to exchange stories and inspiration. Coffee, dessert, bakery, healthy juice as a sweetener […]